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The Origin organizes ceremonies in the Netherlands & journeys to Gabon, Colombia and the Sinaï desert in collaboration with different indigenous communities (i.e. Bwete, Gabon, Grupo Palchucán Putumayo Colombia and Live the Bedouin Life Sinai tribes.)

Celine Reliba, Bokayé, and their international team are carrying out their mission to make the ancient knowledge of indigenous tribes available and taking you back to your origin by opening doors to deep introspection.

This work provides an opportunity to address the root cause of your issues, to heal and profoundly transform the source of blockages, hidden pain, survival mechanisms and belief systems that no longer serve you.

The Origin’s main goal is to be of service to the indigenous tribes and to guide through their teachings, by serving as a safe anchor for all participants of the ceremonies.
If you would like to participate in one of our ceremonies or journeys and
work with sacred medicine, or join us on journeys without medicine in the
Sinaï desert , please check our program for dates or subscribe to our newsletter.
If this is your first time working with Iboga in the Netherlands or Gabon, please check out the safety guideline and feel free to do your own research
about Iboga.

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The Origin Iboga ceremonies are created with love and respect to support you on your journey of spiritual and personal (growth) development.  The sacred plant medicine helps you to break with karma and free yourself from negative thoughts, addictive behaviors, family trauma, patterns and habits (for example, substance use, eating disorders and otherphysical ailments) holding you back from living your best potential life. The medicine supports you to reconnect your body and soul in the daily life. Iboga has the unique quality to remind you of your natural state of Being and brings you to a state of higher consciousness.

Program 2024 Iboga:

15-20 August
10-15 September 
17-22 October
29 okt-3 November 

Initiation Gabon 2025:

22 Januari-5 February

12 days retreat Putumayo Colombia 2025:

  15- 26 January

Sinai Desert trip 6 tot 13 November 2024

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Celine Reliba Ndong

Celine (Kombó = Reliba) has origins in South India and Bangladesh. She was adopted as a child, which led her to embark on a years-long journey to rediscover herself. Celine finally realized her long-held wish by fulfilling her greatest calling: being initiated into the Bwete tradition at Ebando Temple in Gabon.
In 2023, Celine married her life partner Bokaye. His mother, Egnepé,
recognized and welcomed her with an open heart into her family temple,
Membongo na Koudi (The energy of the turtle is carry the energy of
humanity and Earth). Celine is a mother of two beautiful daughters, and she is a yoga teacher with a decade of experience. She utilizes various powerful methods, including breath and bodywork, plant medicines, Voice Dialogue, and accessing different layers of deep consciousness. She speaks Dutch and English.

Bokaye Ndong Mba

Bokayé, originally from Libreville, Gabon, was raised in his mother’s family temple, Membongo na Koudi. He has been playing the Ngombe Divine Mother (the ritual harp) since the age of four. Bokayé has a wide range of musical skills, including playing the citar (Mugongo), the drums, and various ritual instruments. Bokayé has been initiated first into Dissoumba Vobe Na Kele and more than eight different rites of passage. His mission is healing humanity with the Ngombe Divine Mother. He speaks Fang, French, and English.Bokayé accompanies his wife at The Origin by supporting ceremonies when he is in the Netherlands and the team of Ebando in Gabon. Membongo na Koudi is their home base in Gabon.

Bokaye & Reliba

Together, they are carrying out their shared mission to make the ancient
knowledge of indigenous tribes from Gabon available through ceremonies
in the Netherlands and supporting the Brige to Gabon.

Bokaye and Reliba share a warm heart for Ebando. They actively support their spiritual father Tatayo and Ebando Temple, where they bring groups
for initiations.




The Origin team


members are chosen for their inspirational and authentic qualities in life. The team includes members from the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Egypt, and Gabon. They offer a warm and a welcoming atmosphere, where participants can feel safe to confront their personal work and go deep into their inner process. The Origin team trusts that participants will realize their power and remember that everything they need is always within them.

The Origin acknowledges that ultimately, the aim of engaging in spiritual and personal growth work is to gain the necessary insights that empower participants to effect real change in their personal lives, and hopefully, in the whole universe as a result.

The Origin team is here to assist and serve you in finding your true origin and potential in life, and in living as the authentic being you already are!

Main language: English will be used during the ceremonies.

By participating in The Origin ceremonies, you are supporting the community

We are here happy to help and answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to get in touch!
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